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Mission & Vision

The Institution aims at the following objectives:

(a) To provide quality education to girls and women of all sections of society.

(b) To inculcate the modern values in the minds of girl-students.

(c) To eradicate backwardness, superstitions, stereotyped notions and redundant mores from the brains of girl-students by making them scientific in their thinking and approach to life's various problems.

(d) To provide higher education along with professional courses such as computer course, beautician course, culinary course, spoken English course, music and dance course, personality development course etc. which are of utmost necessity in modern times for any women.

(e) To make the girls self-confident by enhancing students self-esteem through counseling by psychologists and career counselors.

(f) To equip the students with competitive study material so that they could qualify various competitive exams.

(g) To inculcate in students the seeds of good citizenship in order to make them good citizens as well as good human beings.

(h) To develop the natural talents of the girl-students by organizing seminars, symposia and contests.

(i) To organize lectures of eminent writers, academicians, social-workers, scientists of national and international fame to enable the girls aspire for higher goals in life.

(j) To strive to provide and maintain academic environment and systems, enabling maximum learning to produce competent professionals.

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